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Right now, you are surrounded by really cool stuff. There's probably a Doctor Who poster next to you, or a T-Shirt displaying some sweet band that you want people to associate with you. But where does this stuff come from? No one knows! Oh, wait, yes we do, because we found the first incidents of 19 key things from human culture, some of which were requests from readers just like you. So read on and be impressed, kinda!

The First Performance of the Moon Walk

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One of the few things that keeps my faith in American culture is that after Michael Jackson died, we decided to remember him for his art rather than the controversy that surrounded his personal life. Captured here is the first ever performance of the famous “Moon Walk” dance that defined his career and inspired a million middle school kids to shuffle awkwardly through dusty playgrounds at recess and get their sneakers completely filthy. Watch the whole performance or click here to skip right to the good part.

To be fair, we should mention that Bill Bailey did his same move about thirty years earlier, but Jackson did it with more style.
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First Superhero

There are a few contenders for the very first superhero, like “The Scarlet Pimpernel” or “Gladiator” but right now I’m gonna have to agree with Wikipedia and go with “Spring-Heeled Jack.” 

Though he first appeared as an alleged criminal in real life (there is a story of him drowning a prostitute and then using the springs on his heels to leap away) he was later written into penny-dreadfuls as a hero possessing all the standard superhero tropes: a disguise, a secret layer, and even Batman-esque gadgets, like his spring-heels. 

Yeah, spring heels are pretty dumb, but give him a break -- it was the 19th century. They didn't have hacked cell phone vision yet.

First Guitar Smashed On Stage

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Though The Who’s Pete Townsend will always get credit for creating the trend, the real first incident of a guitar being smashed on stage was by Rockin’ Rocky Rockwell in 1956. 

Given that it comes at the end of a sarcastic and boring rendition of “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog”, it’s a surprisingly satisfying smash.

First Use of CGI

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 There’s two notable incidents to reference here. The first ever “Computer Generated Image” was the film Humingbird, made in 1968, which is exactly what it sounds like

But since that’s boring as hell, we also want to mention the first ever attempt to use CGI to create a human character, both because it’s pretty cool and because it was pretty obviously just an excuse for director Michael Crichton to watch a naked woman be a naked woman for a while.