30+ Weird Slang Terms From The 20s That Prove Young People Have Always Been Dumb

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There isn't a whole lot of 1920s slang that's still in circulation in the 21st century. However, there are some pretty cool Roaring Twenties slang words that should be brought back into the vernacular, mostly because it's very entertaining. Some of the old '20s expressions are really good, or as they would say, "Really berries!" If Roaring Twenties slang was still in use after the turn of the 20th cenutry, business magnate Richard Branson would be considered an "egg," or someone who is very wealthy with a lavish lifestyle. Mariah Carey would be a "sheba," or a sexually desirable woman. And instead of eating a doughnut, you'd be eating a "sinker."

You have to admit, old '20s expressions are charming and bring you back to a time when flappers ruled the world and alcohol was prohibited. Check out some weird and offbeat slang from a bygone era below and vote up your favorite slang from the 1920s that people actually used. 

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    Cat's Meow

    A person or thing that is very desirable. A similar phrase is "cat's pajamas."

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    Bee's Knees

    The best.

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    Wet Blanket

    Someone who doesn't know how to have any fun.

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    Big Cheese

    A person in charge or someone very important.

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    To have a good time.

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    Everything is alright or even perfect!

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    Legs, as in, "Look at those gams!"

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    Drunk. Inebriated.

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    Dollar. 100 clams equals 100 dollars.

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    Dudding Up

    To get dressed up.

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    A sexually desirable woman.

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    An engagement ring.

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    Fire Extinguisher

    A chaperone.

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    Out On Parole

    A person who is divorced.

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    Know One's Onions

    If you "know one's onions," you are very knowledgeable about a topic.

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    An attractive, but stupid, woman.

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    A young man who doesn't have a job and sleeps all day (also known as a lollygagger).

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    Phonus Balonus

    Nonsense (similar to phoney baloney).

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    Father Time

    A person over the age of 30.

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    An individual who drinks illegally. The word is a comboination of the words "scoff" and "law."

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    A really boring person.

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    Bank's Closed

    No kissing.