24 Famous Actresses of the 1940s

The 1940s was a great decade for film. Alfred Hitchcock was really coming into his own as the master of suspense and Frank Capra gave movie-goers a holiday film that would be loved even decades after its initial release. The actresses of the 1940s were often great beauties with endless talents that were able to thrive in the captivating roles of the day.

Who was the most popular actress of the 1940s? Gene Tierney tops our list. She made her feature film debut in 1940 and quickly became one of the era's greatest actresses. Many will recognize Ingrid Bergman, one of the most famous 1940s female movie stars, for her role in Casablanca in 1942. 

Ava Gardner stole hearts in the 1946 film The Killers, which propelled her into super-stardom. Greer Garson was by far one of the most popular actresses of the 1940s. During that decade she was nominated for an Oscar a record-setting five years in a row, taking home a statue for her performance in the 1942 film Mrs. Miniver.

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