22 Famous Actresses of the 1950s

The 1950s featured the rise of blonde bombshells and their beautiful brunette counterparts. Musicals and romantic comedies were still wildly popular throughout the decade, but suspense thrillers and dark dramas were also bringing in money at the box office.

Who was the most popular actress of the 1950s? Marilyn Monroe tops our list. With her iconic looks and wispy voice, Marilyn Monroe defined the classic Hollywood actress. She appeared in such classic 1950s films as Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Before becoming Princess Grace of Monaco, Grace Kelly was Hollywood royalty. She's certainly one of the female icons of the 1950s.

Petite and spunky, Audrey Hepburn has remained a fashion icon years after her death in 1993. Other 1950s female movie stars include Shirley MacLaine, Jayne Mansfield and Dorothy Dandridge.

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