Pictures of 1950s Greasers That Prove The Stereotypes Are True

Thanks to the likes of characters such as Elvis and James Dean, the "greaser" look emerged as a popular look in 1950s America. Featuring slick-backed hair, cuffed jeans, leather jackets, and lots of automobiles, photos of '50s greasers give a glimpse into the trends of the young men of yesterday, some of whom were even famous '50s stars. Associated with the rockabilly music genre, greasers may look like punks, but they are responsible for much of the pop culture you consume today. If you pay attention, you may even find the inspiration for later fashion trends like mod and punk in these 1950s greaser photos. These are the gents who led to your favorite greasy protagonist, Danny Zuko, inspiring men everywhere to perhaps try a new hairstyle or actually learn something about their cars.