The Best Boxers of the 1960s

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Muhammad Ali emerged in the 1960s as one of the greatest boxers of all time or, as he put it, "shock the world." There were plenty of other great boxers from the '60s who also became some of the greatest boxers of all time. Other great boxers from the decade that saw the sport grow globally included names like Joe Brown, Dick Tiger, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, and Japanese boxers like Takeshi Fuji, Yoshiaka Numata, and Katsuyoshi Takayama. 

The first world champions from Venezuela and Thailand were crowned during the 1960s and the WBA and WBC began competing against each other. A new division was also created in the Junior Middleweights where a high school teacher, Freddie Little, was crowned world champion. Fights were also seen on color television for the first time.

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