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Photos Of 1960s Inventions When They Were New And Cool

While it may seem like technology is progressing exponentially in the 21st century, mankind has always been steadily inventing and improving the world around them. Just take a look at the crazy things that were developed in just the 1960s alone! From audio cassette tapes to military inventions like kevlar, scientists and engineers worked tirelessly to make their mark in history.

Sure, the Internet today has led to increased productivity in research and development, but the past shouldn't be discredited for the incredible advancements they made. In fact, the progress in modern technology can seriously be attributed to the innovative minds of the '60s, as the predecessor of the Internet was created in 1969. Check out this list of technology that you had no idea was made before the Apple iPhone, Windows 3.0, and the Magnavox Odyssey.