The Best 1970s Christmas Albums

This is a list of all 1970s Christmas albums, ranked from best to worst. Across these albums, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive list of 1970s Christmas songs. For many, the 1970s was a prosperous period for the release of Christmas music and albums. Some of the biggest bands and artists of the decade released holiday songs that were much better than the traditional songs that flooded airwaves in years past. The albums featured on this list are some of the most well known and popular titles of that time, and likely introduced an entirely new audience to holiday and Christmas music. These are some of the most popular Christmas songs of all time and some of the greatest jingles in the history of music. The 1970s saw bands like The Eagles, The Jackson 5 and the great Johnny Cash and family release music that captured the holiday spirit. Not to be outdone, Laura Nyro, The Carpenters and let's not forget about Kenny Rogers, who also released Christmas albums during this decade.

There are some albums that feature the traditional, standard songs, or reinterpreted songs like by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and The Temptations. No matter what style or type of Christmas song you enjoy, you're likely to find an album on this list that will fit whatever music you enjoy. 

What are the best '70s Christmas songs? This is the list of Christmas albums that were released in the 1970s. From innovative takes on traditional songs to recreating the versions that have been around for years, the 1970s were a great time grab holiday music. Check out more great lists like 1960s Christmas music and rap Christmas albums

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