The Best Boxers of the 1970s

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Boxing in the 1970s was dominated by legendary champions and history-making rivalries. Ruben Olivares dominated the Bantamweights while Wilfredo Gomez ruled the Super Bantamweight division. Meanwhile, Roberto Duran ruled the Lightweights, Antonio Cervantes held the Welterweight division twice, Carlos Monzon dominated the Middleweights, and Bob Foster topped the Light-Heavyweights. The greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali ruled the Heavyweight division twice between 1974 and 1979.

Duran and Esteban De Jesus had a historic rivalry as did Monzon and Rodrigo Valdez and who could forget the trilogy of fights between Ali and Joe Frazier. There were plenty of great fighters in the 1970s but we want to know who you think are the best boxers of the 1970s.

Vote below for the boxers from the 1970s who you think were the greatest fighters of the '70s and if we missed any, feel free to add them so that other boxing fans and Rankers can vote on your addition! 

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