People You Can't Believe Got Onstage for the 1989 Tour

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Taylor Swift's 1989 show has been a tour for the record books. Not only is she selling out massive arenas every night, she’s also been bringing all of her famous friends on stage with her to an equal amount of applause and confusion. Some of the1989 Taylor Swift tour guests make sense as she’s been known to collaborate on tunes with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Ed Sheeran. But a lot of her guests have left fans saying “huh?” once the show has ended. Sure, Joan Baez is an influential folk singer, but do 15-year-old fans care about the woman who covered “Diamonds and Rust”? Probably not. Oddly enough, Joan Baez is just the tip of the iceberg of people you can’t believe agreed to get onstage for the 1989 tour.

1989 Taylor Swift tour cameos are like hot dogs. Initially they seem like a good idea, but after the whole thing is over you wish there’d been a better vetting process in place. All street food references aside, it makes sense for Swift to bring out her famous friends for the world to see. The 1989 Taylor Swift tour appearances are all part of the singer cementing herself as the new Queen of Pop Music. But it's still hard to believe some of the people she managed to convince to get on stage with her.

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