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30 Reasons You Miss Halloween In The '90s

Halloween in the 1990s was a magical time for trick or treating, and if you ever got to dress up like a Power Ranger and hunt for the best Halloween candy in a McDonald's Happy Meal bucket, you know this to be the truth. The best parts of Halloween in the '90s are here on this list of the very best '90s Halloween nostalgia and nostalgia-related toys, candy, commercials, decorations, trends, costumes and more, so that you can yearn for the times when you walked the streets in a vinyl costume that was really just an expensive, uncomfortable, sweaty pair of pajamas that you'd have to wear a jacket on top of anyway.

Whether you were the type that liked to stay home and hand out candy (hopefully good candy, not the awful Halloween treats like pennies and popcorn that some people distributed) or a committed trick-or-treater that hoofed it up and down the street until the final Snickers bar had been collected, '90s Halloween nostalgia will bring you back to all the best parts of your childhood as it relates to one of the best holidays of the year.

What was Halloween like in the 1990s? What were the best parts of '90s Halloween? There are tons of candies, costumes and movies that will take you right back to the '90s, but these bits of nostalgia are specific to Halloween and all the sugar-fueled glory of these fall nights of your youth (or early adulthood, if you're of that age, or if you're younger, this is what it was like before kids had GPS safe-trick-or-treating routes, flashlights and calorie counters on their camera phones.)

  • First Off, If You Were Cool, You Had One Of These McDonald's Halloween Buckets For Your Candy

    Photo: u/Classic1990 / Reddit
  • But If You Were Cooler You Would Use Pillowcases, Since They Held More Candy

    Photo: chrisandrachepicemporium / eBay
  • This Particular Set Of Decorations Was In Every School Or Home

    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
  • And They Made Pre-Fab Costumes With Pictures Of The Characters On The Costumes Themselves

    Photo: Pinterest