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What '90s Movies Thought The Next 20 Years Would Look Like

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The 1990 predictions for 2020 and the years surrounding it were bold and varied. The filmmakers of the time were rocking out to Nirvana, laughing along with Adam Sandler on SNL, and imagining that the next 20 years would absolutely bring about the apocalypse. Whether said apocalypse was caused by sentient AI, an abundance of virtual reality, or LA breaking off into the ocean, it seemed like everyone with a camera thought the next century would be bleak. 

1990s future predictions weren't always accurate, but some past predictions of the future turned out to be surprisingly close. Now that these seemingly futuristic years are in the rearview, it's fun to look back and see how things didn't quite turn out as bad as many thought they would. Modern fashion isn't quite as ridiculous as some decades imagined, and the United States isn't a dystopian wasteland (yet).