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Optical Illusions That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Updated April 30, 2021 27.3m views15 items

Optical delusions are when your eye sees one thing in an image because it's become accustomed to that kind of image in that context. In the cases of the following images, if you see the "dirty images" then you, unfortunately, have a dirty mind. If you see what's really there, then you're a healthy, good-hearted, well-meaning, functioning member of society.

So here's a list of things that look dirty, but aren't. And for more awesomeness, check out 50+ Trippy Pics That Will WTF Your Brain and 59 Infuriating Images That Will Trigger Your OCD.

  • A Catholic Priest On Casual Friday

    Photo: Pinterest
  • Why Would They Let Her Sit Like That?

    Photo: Pinterest
  • She Rules The Cheer Squad With An Iron...

    Photo: Pinterest
  • Maybe She Should Wear Longer Shorts

    Photo: u/cayetan / Reddit