20 Well-Meaning But Ridiculous Things Childless People Say To Parents

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Some life lessons are taught, others are learned through experience. Being a parent is ususally the latter. Some childless adults can't grasp this idea, offering well-meaning advice that misses the mark. We found some of the best stories from parents about the times people without children just didn't get it.

  • 1. 'Don't Stop Your Hobbies, Just Bring The Kids Along!'

    Posted on Reddit by u/para_chan:

    "Don't stop your hobbies! Just bring the kids along!" Usually said by a married man who's wife runs everything for him so he can just do this thing without the kids messing it up.

    Posted on Reddit by u/TooManyTurtles20:

    Oh man, I have friends like this. My buddy called me last month to let me know they just had their third kid, and I was asking how he and his wife were doing (being a bit over 2 years into our second kid ourselves, I remember the early months well...or rather, I remember the exhaustion)... he went on to tell me things were fantastic, he had just started a new job fully remote and he had a bunch of trips planned with his friends to get out of the house, but it was really annoying that the baby kept waking up at night, so he was having his wife sleep on the couch with the baby until he starts sleeping through the night.

    I asked him to repeat himself because there was no way I had heard that correctly.

    I didn't know any of those things were options. Each time after both of our kids were born, I was the one who would get up with them at night to feed them and change diapers (which resulted in 18 months straight of only 2-4 hours of sleep a night, never in one stretch of course), and as soon as I'm home from work I take over on kids and house stuff to make sure my wife gets her time to unwind and relax with a bath or wine or video game or whatever the hell she wants to do. I haven't really been able to jump fully back into my hobbies yet, and though I'm aching to, I would much rather make sure my wife and kids are taken care of and happy first. The kids won't be young forever, but my nerdy hobbies sure ain't going anywhere (unless they get "accidentally" thrown out lol).

    Another friend couldn't remember what grades his young kids were in. I'm by no means father or husband of the year, but I'm pretty sure I'm killing it compared to my friends.

  • 2. 'You Can Sleep When The Baby Sleeps'

    Posted on Reddit by u/Any_Site_1046:

    ‘You can sleep when the baby sleeps!’

    And before my son was born I wholeheartedly believed this, I now realise that while this works for some parents for others (like me) this is a mythical idea something in the realm of reality of unicorns 🦄

  • 3. 'My Kid Will Never Do That'

    Posted on Reddit by u/csf_ncsf:

    Here is a great one that I am guilty of having used pre-kid:

    “My kid will never/ I will never something something my kid”

    Posted on Reddit by u/Wishyouamerry:

    I will never let my child be in public with a dirty face!

    2 years later ...

    She's actually not screaming for once and that chocolate pudding isn't hurting a damn soul.

  • 4. 'Just Let Them Cry It Out'

    Posted on Reddit by u/RemasteredDad:

    I'd just let him/ her cry.

    “You told me to bring the baby! What do you mean you don’t want to hold him? I’m sorry. He’s screaming so loud, I can’t hear you. Say that again? Take him home? But I thought this is what you wanted!”

  • 5. 'Skip Nap Time'

    Posted on Reddit by u/No_Fee_9021:

    My friend works nights so when she’s off she wants to meet up during the day, she drinks and I don’t which is totally fine but when I say what time nap time is she always says “just skip it” I’m like “are you insane?” 😂


  • 6. 'Just Get A Last Minute Baby Sitter'

    Posted on Reddit by u/idiocratic_method:

    "Just find a baby sitter for this thing I just invited you to that starts in an hour"

    Uh dude ... thats not how any of this works :D