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The Worst Marvel Movies Of All Time

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Marvel Comics is one of the two mainstream comic distributors in the world (the other being DC Comics). They publish dozens of titles and have invented thousands of characters. Recently, Marvel has formed its own film studio and rebranded themselves as a major player in all forms of the entertainment industry, reacquiring characters they had sold off and building an entire self-sustained film universe. But everyone makes mistakes. Though Marvel has produced awesome films, the movies on this list are the top-20 worst Marvel movies.

This list largely encompasses those Marvel characters and worlds that Marvel Studios hasn't been able to buy back, or those films made before Marvel came roaring back and took over. These are the ugly stepchildren of a mighty empire and proof that nothing in this world is perfect. 

Cast your votes below for which of these 20 worst Marvel films really are the most horribly bad, and see how the Marvel films you think are most terrible rank.