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The Best 2000s College Football Quarterbacks

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These the very best 2000s college quarterbacks ranked by user votes. Of course, many of these college qb's from the 2000s are very well known and went on to great pro careers in the NFL, but some other 2000's collegiate quarterbacks on this list might have slipped from your memory as their heyday was at the college level. So, who is the best college quarterback of the 2000s? Vote up your favorite!

From Tim Tebow to Vince Young. Matt Leinart to Colt McCoy, there are a bunch of outstanding college quarterbacks on this list to choose from. So, vote wisely! Pretty much anyone on this list could be considered the greatest 2000s college quarterback.

Take a look at this list of the best quarterbacks from the 2000s and see if your favorite player landed on top. NCAA Football is a sport frequently ruled by the quarterback position. You can vote up the players you love, or vote down the players you dislike and hopefully we can finally agree on which one is the greatest 2000s college quarterback.