30+ Fashion Trends From The '00s That Didn't Stand The Test Of Time

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The summer of 2002 saw Avril Lavigne's release of "Sk8er Boi," and the tie over tank top movement was born. If you paired your tie with a studded belt, and had chunky neon red highlights, you definitely rocked the early 2000s "punk" look.  

If pseudo-punk rock wasn't your style, you might have worn head-to-toe Abercrombie & Fitch and plucked your eyebrows super thin for the ultimate prepster look. If you were a guy, you looked to NSYNC for their cooler than cool frosted tips and denim jackets. All of these fashion statements were totally cool back in the aughts...but nowadays, they're seen as total fashion fails. 

From butterfly clips to JNCO jeans, bedazzled thongs to K-Swiss shoes, Ed Hardy polo shirts to Crocs, check out this list of regrettable 2000s fashion trends and reminisce about the most cringeworthy styles from early '00s fashion. 

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