Underrated But Amazing Horror Movies From The 2000s Every Horror Fan Should See

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The 2000s aren't remembered for having a lot of good horror movies, but you'd be surprised how many gems flew under the radar. The aughts had some very good horror movies, but they just happened to fall through the cracks a lot of the time. A couple of big horror franchises that have become classics had their start at the beginning of the century, but this list is concerned with the underrated horror movies from the 2000s – the films that didn't get their due at the time, but definitely deserve your attention.

Some of these 2000s horror movies you forgot existed could go toe-to-toe (or machete to machete as it may be) with the greatest horror films ever made. Many of these films set visual and storytelling standards that are only now coming into fashion, while the rest are just great horror flicks. Read on to find out which of the best horror movies from the 2000s deserve a second look, vote up your favorites, and definitely check out the ones you missed the first time around.