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Early '00s MTV Dating Shows That Never Once Ended In True Love

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As Charles Dickens famously wrote of the French revolution, "It was the best MTV shows, it was worst MTV shows." 

You'd be forgiven for thinking the lovelorn singles who showed up on MTV dating shows around the turn of the millennium only did so because they were catfished. As cultural historians who've studied early 2000s MTV shows can attest, before 'catfishing' was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, those who appeared on the music-free music channel's pathetic dating shows for entertaining and demeaning amorous adventures really were looking for love. Long before dating apps and social media meant you could find a date while taking a dump, lonely horny folks left their dignity at MTV's doors and threw themselves at the mercy some of the saddest dating shows ever.

Whether the contestants of these early '00s shows were hungry for 15 minutes of fame or blindly putting their romantic fate in the hands of MTV, you can rest assured these were dating shows with no real love. If someone out there knows of anyone who found true love on the set of an early 2000s MTV show, please come forward to restore humanity's fate in true love and soul mates.  

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