Things That Never Fail To Instantly Give Us Nostalgia For The Early 2000s

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The farther away we get from our youth, the more fondly we look back on it. Every generation eventually reaches an age where it will hold up the trends, fashion, and pop culture of its younger days and collectively fawn over the shared experience of growing up with those circumstances. We've recently gone through this process with '80s babies and then '90s kids, and now - all of a sudden it seems - it's been more than two decades since the year 2000, and the kids are ready to get wistful. 

The people of Reddit have gone in-depth about the things that never fail to give them the early-2000 feels. Vote up the ones you remember well.

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    Binders Full Of CDs

    From Redditor u/salvation122:

    CD binders full of stuff you burned. Just like forty CD-Rs, maybe six of which you actually know the tracklist for.

    And Redditor u/BadAnimalDrawing:

    I still have 3 CD binders full because my old car didn't have any other way to play music that wasn't the radio... got a new car with Bluetooth and everything but I refuse to get rid of the scratched up pos CDs I've had since about 2007.

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    Flip Phones

    From Redditor u/queuedUp:

    flip phones

    And Redditor u/llamaesunquadrupedo:

    Nothing more satisfying than snapping a phone shut and hanging up on someone.

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    The Computer Room

    From Redditor u/Wyattf*ckinEarp:

    Having a computer room.

    And Redditor u/grundelgrump:

    Nobody realized you were talking about in a house lol.

    And Redditor u/TerribleAttitude:

    Every late '90s/early 2000s middle class home had a specific room in the house that was dedicated to The Computer, because a middle class family could only afford one computer. The Computer was used by all family members for all computing needs. Homework, work, games (if you were lucky. Some of us had only default games, paint programs, and demo disks to play with), internet which you could only use for a specific number of minutes and would have to cut short if someone needed the phone.... all on one machine, in a dedicated room.

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    Old School MP3 Players

    From Redditor u/elee0228:

    iPods with clickwheels.

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    From Redditor u/repeatingRemainder6:

    The Windows XP startup sound.

    And a former Redditor said:

    I always wanted to visit that grassy hill.

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    Photo: Sin City / Miramax Films

    From Redditor u/OctorokHero:

    DVDs with lots of bonus features.

    And Redditor u/JeffersonFriendship:


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