Things We Never Use Now, But Used to Be LIFE in the 2000s

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Vote up the programs that you loved to use in the pre-app world of the 2000s

The 2000s ended over five years ago, and along with them went the importance of some glorious things. Now, just enough time has passed that it’s appropriate for 2000s nostalgia and reliving the glory days of the aughts to begin. 2000s tech, 2000s toys, 2000s programs – we can start missing all of it, loudly and openly. Because somewhere in your garage or your attic, collecting dust, is an out-of order computer, an old flip phone, or some piece of technology that is irrelevant now, but was once a major part of your everyday routine.

Mind you, this is just the stuff you used, which excludes all of the stuff you enjoyed watching, wearing, and listening to, because otherwise we'd be here all day with Disney Channel Original movies, rubber bracelets, and sick tunes. Which 2000s computer programs and tech do you miss the most? Vote it up!
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    Movie and Video Game Rental Stores

    Movie and Video Game Rental Stores
    Photo: trebomb / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
    You’ll never have another Blockbuster night because they got absolutely annihilated by Redbox and Netflix, but what a joy it was to go search aisles full of VHS tapes, DVDs, and video games, in search of entertainment. Hollywood Video was another mainstream store that met its demise, but paying for overpriced candy and popcorn before renting a movie and stressing about potential late frees was somehow enjoyable in its own special way.
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    Kodak Disposable Cameras

    Kodak Disposable Cameras
    Photo: Hadrien Hart / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    Before DSLRs were affordable and cell phone cameras were elite, Kodak’s cheap, one-time use cameras were a must when you were going on a trip, or had plans with friends. You didn’t have the luxury of taking multiple photos, checking them out to pick the one you like best, then running it under a flattering filter. It went like this: snap the pic, have no clue what it looks like until you get the film developed, and deal with it. Fun!

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    Razrs, Blackberries, and Sidekicks

    Razrs, Blackberries, and Sidekicks
    Photo: jaronbrass / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
    What were once the coolest phones in the game are pretty much nonexistent these days. In terms of flip phone popularity, Razrs were peak coolness, and Sidekicks were so different structurally that they appeared to be technologically superior to other phones. Then, there was the Blackberry, which was great as texting got more popular, because it had a convenient little keyboard. Unfortunately, Blackberry decided to pretty much give up on making improvements throughout the years and their phones paled in comparison to iPhones and Droids.
  • AOL Instant Messenger
    Photo: AOL
    Back when texting barely existed and phone plans included limits of like 100 outgoing and inbound messages, there needed to be a way for friends to communicate with each other, aside from the ol’ landline telephone. Fortunately, AIM existed. This allowed folks to connect to the Internet and chat with friends behind their keyboards for hours on end. It was the beginning of us mastering an impersonal means of communication that we rely on entirely too much nowadays, but it was also fun because we got to leave clever away messages!