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2010's Most Popular Hip Hop and R&B Artists

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The Hip Hop and R&B gods have spoken and they've selected their list of the most popular hip hop and R&B artists of 2010. These artists, new to the game and veterans alike, and their albums spent a good part of the year among Billboard magazine's charts for the best selling hip hop albums of 2010 as well as on the main charts such as the best selling albums of 2010.

As if coming in as the most downloaded album of 2010 and the top hip hop album of 2010, Detroit rapper Eminem was also named the most popular among hip hop and R&B artists by Billboard for his work during the year.

Eminem's return to rap after a lengthy break was highly praised and beat out the likes of groups like the Black Eyed Peas, who took second, rapper Drake, who was third, and R&B beauty Alicia Keys. Other top names included new talent like Lil Wayne and Rihanna, among many others.

Even one artist managed to reach the top 10 of the most popular hip hop and R&B singers after his death. The great King of Pop Michael Jackson took home the 10th spot on the chart with the release of new music and older favorites in his memory.