Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be a Thing in 2015

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Vote for the looming conspiracy theories you think will make headlines in 2015.

It's never too early to start talking about the year in conspiracy theories, even when the year has just started. As far as 2015 conspiracies, with gas prices dropping, the ruble crashing, Ebola still out there, and an election less than two years away, conspiracies abound regarding how these things will play out, what will happen, and how it will effect us. From politics, to the Illuminati, and a few end of times theories, 2015 is no stranger to looming the looming conspiracy.

There's also the usual stuff about false flags, nuclear attacks, and Ebola. Always Ebola. Here are the conspiracies you'll probably be hearing more about in the year to come. If the Illuminati let you, of course. Whatever the New World Order 2015 plans are, you're sure to hear about all kinds of wild ideas, theories, and speculations. Which will be the most prevalent? Vote for the theories you think will be the talk of the world in 2015.

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    Low Gas Prices

    With gas prices dropping to levels not seen in the last six or seven years, it’s only natural that conspiracy theorists and opponents of the president will seize on the events behind it. It doesn’t take much research to find conspiracy theorists saying OPEC and the oil companies have deliberately crashed gas prices to harm green technology.
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    The Ruble Crashing in Value

    One consequence of the crash in gas prices has been the corresponding flatline of the Russian ruble in value. Russia is an enormous exporter of oil, and with prices dropping, so does the value of Russia’s exports. Is this being done on purpose, to punish Vladimir Putin for his adventure in Crimea? Or for some other, unknown reason?

    Whatever it is, fill up your tank now, before the Illuminati change their mind.
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    Election Shenanigans

    As 2015 rolls in, with the next presidential election less than two years away, meaning we’re well on our way to any number of election-related conspiracies. Get ready for every discredited theory about Hillary Clinton to resurface, along with allegations against every major candidate from both parties.

    And remember, Barack Obama could just chuck the whole thing and make himself President for life.

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    Lame Duck President Obama

    The 2014 midterm election was the last one that Barack Obama will have any involvement in as leader of the Democratic Party. So get ready for conservative media figures and anti-government conspiracy theorists to spend two years trumpeting that he now can do anything he wants and will be unleashed to reveal his “true agenda.”

    There will even be a few beating the drums for him tossing out the 22nd Amendment and declaring himself president for life. Even just a search of “Obama third term” brings up over 8 million results. Not that such a thing is possible, but you're in conspiracy land, where everything is possible.