The Most Anticipated New Shows of 2016

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Upvote the new TV shows premiering in 2016 that you are most excited for. List includes shows premiering on major networks, cable TV, premium channels, and streaming platforms.
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If you're caught up on all your favorite new TV shows, fear not - many TV series await viewers in 2016. From new sitcoms to gripping dramas and thrilling sci-fi TV shows, the new year has something for everyone. Big stars like Jane Lynch, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and even Zach Galifianakis are coming to television with new shows in 2016 - and there are plenty of other shows that are coming out soon that are sure to be big hits.
We've gathered the current slate of new TV shows that are debuting in 2016 below and we want to know which new TV shows you're anticipating the most. Is it the latest Netflix comic book series, Lucifer? Maybe you're looking forward to the reboot of everyone's favorite sci-fi series, The X-Files? Or, perhaps you can't wait to see Martin Scorsese's latest TV foray, Vinyl, on HBO. These upcoming shows have something for everyone.

There are plenty of new comedies and fresh takes on old favorites hitting the bunny ears (or streaming devices) in 2016. From Fuller House to Samurai Jack, some of your childhood favorite shows are being rebooted as big shows coming out in 2016, for a whole new generation to enjoy.
There are lots of great upcoming new TV shows premiering in 2016 and we want to know which of the series below you think are the most anticipated TV shows of 2016. What will be the biggest show of 2016? Vote below!