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22 Cringey Times Candidates Lost Control of the Conversation

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If the 2016 presidential candidates are good at one thing, it’s being derailed by everything from inanimate objects, to protesters, and even other candidates while they try to get their point across. For viewers, the 2016 election cycle has been one of the most exciting, if not harrowing, elections in recent memory. Most people would blame all the excitement on Donald Trump, who’s managed to maintain his stranglehold on the conservative party despite his unpopularity with its leaders, but he’s not the only candidate who’s decided to let their freak flag fly. Either because of, or in spite of Trump’s WWE attitude towards the campaign cycle, there seems to have been more mudslinging and name calling in 2016 than in any other year. In fact, during some of the larger GOP debates it felt like Chris Christie was going to crack a steel chair over Marco Rubio before cutting to a promo about how he’s the champion of New Jersey. This list compiles some of the most cringeworthy moments of the 2016 candidates losing control of the conversation.

Some of these videos of candidates letting their campaigns completely spiral out of control are so hard to watch that you’re going to need to take a break and maybe watch kitten cuddle party to break up the nonstop train wreck footage that’s assembled before you. And if you’re worried that this mess isn't being bipartisan enough, don’t worry, there's plenty of footage of Hillary and Bernie losing their cool and completely shutting down, too.
  • Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Argue with 8th Grade Spanish

    Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Argue with 8th Grade Spanish
    Video: YouTube
    Ted Cruz took us all back to junior high when he tried to prove how tough he would be on immigration. How'd he do it? By throwing Marco Rubio under the bus for giving an interview in Spanish. Rubio commented that Cruz doesn't even speak Spanish and then Cruz started yelling in Spanish like he was in the kitchen of an El Pollo Loco.
  • That Time Jeb Bush Tried to Get Tough

    That Time Jeb Bush Tried to Get Tough
    Video: YouTube
    Poor Jeb Bush, he can't even puff up his chest to Donald Trump without the bad boy billionaire swatting him away like a fly. Better luck next time, Jeb.
  • Hillary Clinton Interrupted by Black Lives Matter Protesters
    Video: YouTube
    While giving a speech at a private fundraiser, Clinton was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters over her support of a bill that would bring down the hammer on inner city gang members. Clinton tries her best to handle the situation, but she comes off more like an angry step-mother than someone trying to engage with constituents.

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  • Donald Trump Tries to Count the Protesters
    Video: YouTube
    At a Trump Rally in Vermont, The Donald could never really build up his momentum of hatred because of all the dang protesters. So instead of talking about birth certificates or whatever he ate that morning, he decided to point out the protesters in the strangest game of whack-a-mole ever.

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