2016 Controversial Tweets That Were Quickly Deleted

Twitter can be a lot of fun if you’re not famous or worried about getting sued. But for celebrities and politicians, Twitter is a minefield. Anything they say that’s remotely offensive or has the potential to be taken out of context will probably get them busted by the Internet Police. Even if they manage to delete whatever dumb thing they said, someone has probably taken a screen shot of the deleted tweets in preparation for the imminent tornado of media coverage.

These 2016 deleted tweets cover all of the offensive and dumb things that celebrities didn’t think would be a big deal. From Donald Trump accusing Ted Cruz of theft, to Zac Efron completely misunderstanding the point of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, these 2016 deleted controversial tweets are begging to be seen. Sorry, famous people.

In 2016, it’s hard to believe that anyone would think that anything they do on the Internet - especially on Twitter - isn’t being monitored and stored for later use. It almost makes more sense to own up to your controversial, stupid statement than to delete whatever you said. It only ends up calling more attention to your crazy tweet, which everyone is going to see anyway.

If you’re a fan of seeing celebrities make HUGE mistakes online, then this is the list for you. Just remember: Watch what you say on Twitter. Vote up the quickly-deleted tweet that you think is most controversial, and then see what controversial tweets were deleted in 2019.