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Behind the Scenes Instagram Photos from the 2016 Oscars 

Jacob Shelton
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Before social media, we only got to see one side of the award show experience. But thanks to Twitter and Instagram, now we get to know a whole lot more about Academy Awards. Oscars behind the scenes photos are so cool because you get to see that celebrities just like to party and eat burgers like normal human beings. Another added bonus of peeking behind the scenes of the Oscars is seeing stars backstage who didn’t walk the red carpet or appear on screen during the regular program. To see what really happened at the big show, check out these behind the scenes photos from the 2016 Oscars.

Getting to see behind the scenes of the Academy Awards is almost like getting to look behind the curtain of a secret society, except that in this secret society, everyone is dressed impeccably and they’re hanging out with Chris Rock. Like the Golden Globes Instagram photos before them, the Oscars Instagram photos on this list are full of biggest stars of the year. To find out which celebrities immediately kicked off their shoes and started chowing down, and who took a couple of shots while walking down the red carpet, check out this list of behind the scenes Instagram photos from the 2016 Academy Awards. Vote up your favorite pics!
Brie Larson Just Enjoyed a Burger in Her Chucks

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Mark Ruffalo Resorted to Theft

I tried to make off with the big one. Security stopped me. Darn it. #oscars

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The Cast of "Spotlight" Got Cozy After Their Win

Even better. Why are we lying on the floor?

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Jacob Tremblay Chilled with His Super Hot Parents Before the Show

In the car! #Oscars

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