The Funniest Twitter Reactions to the First 2016 Presidential Debate  

Kellen Perry
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The first 2016 presidential debate, held on September 26, was not only the most watched in American history - it was also the most tweeted. It was also arguably the funniest night (and early morning!) that Twitter has seen in a long time. People brought their "A" game.

If you were one of the 81 million who tuned in to see Trump and Clinton go toe-to-toe, these 2016 debate tweets should require little explanation. If not, do yourself a favor and watch the whole surreal thing, then come back and read the list. The fog of insanity will clear - we promise.

If Twitter's not your thing, the list below serves up all the funny tweets about the first 2016 presidential debate in one convenient place. Vote up the funniest of them all, and let them bring your heart rate back down to normal after the wild back and forth between the candidates.

But There's So Much Buzz!
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We've Reached a Verdict!
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It's an Historic Night!
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Jimmy Fallon Is Never Going to Hear the End of It
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