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Surprisingly Good Movies From 2017 That Should Have Been Terrible

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2017 was one of the most surprising years for film in a long time. While superhero movies were still raking in cash at the box office, some of the least anticipated 2017 movies were turning audience expectations on their heads. Many of the best movies of 2017 were films that audiences were either unsure of, or that faced so much behind the scenes drama that it was unlikely that they would even make it to the screen. Audiences know that the worst movies tend to have a backstory that’s more interesting than the plot of their films, so when a movie that passed through the hands of multiple directors manages to not only be watchable, but be really good, it’s a shock.

The surprisingly good movies of 2017 didn’t stick to a specific genre. The 2017 movies that were better than expected were blockbusters, sleeper indie films, and cartoons that had no right to be as good as they were. If early reports about these surprisingly good movies kept you from seeing them in the theater, it's time to set up a movie night and acquaint yourself with some of the best movies of the year.

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