All the Things That Were a Thing in 2017, Ranked

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Vote up all the pop culture 'things' that defined 2017 and will forever be associated with the year, whether you liked them or not. List includes only nationally relevant trending topics.
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2017's trending topics ranged from cutesy food trends, to intellectually serious social movements, to silly diversions that served as distractions from the US political landscape. This collection tries to steer clear of politics, but as the year started with Donald J. Trump swearing into the office of the president, politics carried over into 2017 pop culture quite a bit. 

Government affairs aside, at least the first family is entertaining to watch. Whatever your political leaning, you probably got a kick out of SNL's many impressions this year, from Alec Baldwin's Trump to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer. And maybe you also let yourself feel bad that Melania Trump looks so sad all the time. The Kardashians, our other first family, continued to influence teens with beauty trends like contouring and fashion trends like athlesiure wear.  We all got a good laugh at Kendall Jenner's out-of-touch Pepsi commercial, too.

There were great new TV shows, and huge plot twists in long-running television series. Everyone went nuts for the solar eclipse. Millennials were told to cut back on avocado toast so that they could buy houses and everyone continued to love the color pink. What were some of the memorable things that you cared about in 2017? Vote up all of the 2017 news trends that you remember talking about with your friends and add any to the list that were missed.

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