All the 2018 Oscar Nominees for Best Actor, Ranked

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Who was really the best actor of 2017? Vote and rerank all the Academy Award nominees to make your opinion heard.

These 2018 Best Actor nominations have arrived and five incredible actors have been nominated for this year's coveted award. While all the Best Actor nominees gave stunning performances, only one will receive the Oscar on the night of the 90th Academy Awards. Who do you think deserves the title of Best Actor of 2018? Cast your vote below. 

Who are the 2018 Best Actor nominees? Denzel Washington is nominated for the second year in a row, this time for his performance in the legal drama Roman J. Israel, Esq. Gary Oldman tackles the challenge of playing Winston Churchill in the historic drama Darkest Hour. Veteran actor Daniel Day-Lewis plays a dressmaker who falls for a waitress in the 1950s period piece Phantom Thread. Timothée Chalamet portrays a 17-year-old experiencing love for the first time in Call Me By Your Name. While horror films are sometimes snubbed by the Academy, Daniel Kaluuya still received a Best Actor nomination for playing the lead in the smash hit Get Out. 

Which of these 2018 Best Actor nominees do you think will take home the gold on the big night? Best Actor Oscars are not easy to snag, so make sure to pick someone you truly think stood out from the crowd when making your prediction. After making your choice, see if your prediction comes true on Oscar night. 

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