All the 2018 Oscar Nominees for Best Director, Ranked

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Who was really the best director of 2017? Vote and rerank all the Academy Award nominees to make your opinion heard.

The 2018 Best Director nominees have finally arrived! This year, five directors have been nominated for the coveted Best Director Oscar. Out of all the directors listed, who do you think will take home the prize in 2018?

Each year, Best Director Oscars are awarded to directors who created innovative, enriching, and unique films that captivate audiences and critics. Who are the Best Director nominees this year? Veteran filmmaker Guillermo del Toro received a nod for his surreal fantasy drama The Shape of Water. As always, historical dramas received a lot of love from the Academy. Christopher Nolan was nominated for the World War II film Dunkirk and Paul Thomas Anderson received a nod for the 1950s period piece Phantom Thread. Long time indie darling Greta Gerwig is finally breaking into the mainstream, receiving a nomination for her coming-of-age film Lady Bird. Jordan Peele snagged a nomination for the directorial debut he made with the highly acclaimed Get Out. With so many amazing 2018 Best Director nominees, it's hard to say who will take home the final prize. 

Which of the above films represented the best directing of 2018? Vote up the Best Director nominations you feel have the best shot at taking home the award. On Oscar night, see if your predictions came true. 

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