All the 2018 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture, Ranked

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What was really the best movie of 2017? Vote and rerank all the Academy Award nominees to make your opinion heard.

The 2018 Best Picture nominees are in and it's been a truly diverse year in film, with movies from a wide range of genre being honored. While all the Oscar nominees are worth seeing, only one will ultimately receive the prestigious award. Who will receive the Best Picture Oscar at the 90th Academy Awards? Cast your votes below! 

Best Picture Oscars are handed out each year to films that have it all - the best writing, directing, acting, and storytelling overall. This year, a total of nine films have been nominated. Historic drams and biopics tend to be favored by Academy members, and this year was no different. The Post, Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread, and Dunkirk all received nominations. However, it's been a good year for more unique and experimental films, with the original Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and the highly unusual fantasy drama The Shape of Water receiving nominations. Coming-of-age films also got honored, with nominations granted to Lady Bird and Call Me by Your Name. Horror is a genre traditionally overlooked in the awards circuit, but the critically acclaimed Get Out managed to beat the odds by receiving a 2018 Best Picture nomination. 

Which of these 2018 Best Picture nominations do you feel is most deserving of the award? Browse this list of nominees and vote up the ones you think will snag the award on the night of the ceremony. 

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