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Twitter can be a great place to express opinions or make jokes, but unfortunately many people don't think before they tweet. When controversial tweets appear, a media frenzy often unfolds – especially if the author is a celebrity or other public figure. This leads to many quickly deleted tweets. But, unfortunately, while you can delete a tweet, screenshots are forever. Celebrities who delete tweets can't necessarily save themselves from the subsequent PR nightmares. 

This 2018 deleted tweets list will keep you up to date on all the controversial tweets that were deleted ASAP. This list will stay updated on all the celebs who deleted tweets in 2018. If you're ready for a heavy dose of outrage, read on.


Paul Ryan Tweeted About How The GOP Tax Plan Gave A Woman An Additional $1.50


On February 3, House Speaker Paul Ryan posted a tweet linking to an article that briefly profiled several Americans whose paychecks increased after a GOP tax law went into effect in January. Ryan highlighted a woman who reportedly received a pay increase of $1.50 per week, which she said she planned to put towards her yearly Costco membership.

Given the incredibly small pay increase involved – and the massive tax cuts given to the wealthiest Americans – the tweet read as out-of-touch at best. Ryan eventually deleted it.

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Sean Hannity Tweets Obama's Portrait Being Is "Inappropriately Sexual", Blames Staff For Controversy

In one of the more bizarre controversies associated with the right wing newscaster, Sean Hannity quickly deleted both a tweet and an article on February 13, 2018. Hannity was apparently no fan of Obama's presidential portrait, and posted a tweet condemning the painting as "inappropriately sexual." This was accompanied by an exceedingly odd article about how to spot covertly concealed explicit content in the painting. The article's author was only listed as "Hannity Staff."

After receiving a combination of ridicule, outrage, and outright perplexed reactions, Hannity deleted both the tweet and the article. He blamed his employees for the mix up, releasing a statement saying, "Earlier today my web staff posted content that was not reviewed by me before publication. It does not reflect my voice and message, and, therefore, I had it taken down." 

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