Unspeakable Crimes Spirit Criminals You Want To Emulate In 2018  

Mick Jacobs
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After the terrible run humans gave themselves in 2017, people no longer deserve to identify with spirit animals. It's more appropriate that they identify with spirit criminals. 2018's funny crimes remind everyone that antiheroes are not just characters in stories but real people with real jobs. Your 2018 spirit criminal will definitely appeal to your love of vigilante justice.

For example, if a driver puts a mannequin in is his passenger seat so that he can use the carpool lane, it's very likely that you'll respect the hustle. Your passion for duping the Man will probably outweigh your respect for traffic laws. 

2018's funniest transgressions make you look at crime in a more nuanced manner because, truly, some laws are made to be broken.

Ryanair Passenger Wings It, Becoming Your Airport Hero

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When a Ryanair flight took too long to get off the ground in January 2018, one passenger threw the tantrum that everyone's always wanted to throw at the airport. The 57-year-old man opened the emergency exit, walked out, and plopped down on the wing of the plane Twilight Zone style. Spanish authorities eventually arrested the rebellious man, thereby ruining the one good time anyone's ever had on a Ryanair flight (or in any airport, for that matter).