2018 What Is A Hipster In 2018?  

Lowe Saddler
June 12, 2018 948 votes 81 voters 1.3k views 20 items

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Some people aren't sure if being a hipster is still a trendy thing. And when Portlandia – perhaps the ultimate source of hipster comedy – ended in March 2018, scores of millennials seemed to cut ties with the lifestyle choice as well.

There are quite a few traits that can be associated almost entirely with hipsters, though. While these relatively young individuals may no longer obsess over avocados or tiny mustaches, they do still prefer a bit of anti-pop culture. Hipsters in 2018 are a little more attuned to the world around them and are occasionally more concerned with certain political issues than finding the newest speakeasies and secret bars.

However, people born between the 1980s and early 2000s continue to have a few quirks. Hipsters aren't dead yet; just take a peek in a nearby luxury candle or metaphysical store.

44 25
You've Been In A Period Of Despair Since Trump Took Office

33 17
When Apartment Hunting, You Look For Large Sunny Windows Instead Of Old Exposed Brick

33 18
You Choose IPAs Over PBRs

25 25
You Save Up For Luxury Skincare Items Instead Of Retirement

18 25
You Ditched the iPhone For An Android

16 24
You Find Bar Crawls So Embarrassingly 2017

21 32
Every Surface In Your Home Is Covered In Succulents

19 30
Fancy Candles Are Your Kryptonite

21 35
You're Perpetually Planning A Trip To Joshua Tree

17 30
You Think You Know The Solution To Gentrification

17 30
On Weekends, You Don't Get Out Of Bed For Anything But Avocado Toast

15 28
Forget Blogging - You'll Make It Rich With Your Podcast

15 28
You Traded In Veganism For The Keto Diet

14 28
You Live In The Pacific Northwest - And Bike To Work

16 33
Your Horoscope Can Make Or Break Your Week

12 29
New Orleans, LA, Is Your Favorite City To Visit

15 37
You Subscribe To Daily Emails Telling You How To Be Woke

10 29
You Quit Your 9-5 To Be A Full-Time Travel Writer

13 36
You Know Everything There Is To Know About Crystals

6 29
You Regularly Set Thirst Traps On Your Instagram Story