The Biggest Oscar Surprises of 2018

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The Oscars are never entirely predictable and there were plenty of 2018 Oscar surprises in the mix when nominees were announced. While some surprises were pleasant, there were an equal number of disappointments among this year's unexpected nominations. Which 2018 Academy Award surprises left you the most shocked? Cast your vote below.

Some of the most unexpected Oscar nominations this year were met with applause from film buffs. Given the Academy has a tendency to gloss over the horror genre, people were pleased when they heard Jordan Peele had received a Best Director nomination and Get Out was vying for Best Picture. The superhero genre gets an equal amount of snubbing each year, so comic fans were overjoyed to see Logan receive a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay

However, some 2018 Oscar surprising nominees were met with less enthusiasm. Given the film's lackluster reviews, some deemed Denzel Washington undeserving of an Oscar nod for his role in Roman J. Israel, Esq. As audiences are becoming increasingly burned out with biopics and historical dramas - which have dominated the awards circuit in recent years - the Dunkirk Best Picture nomination was a bit disappointing, as was Lesely Manville's Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in the period piece Phantom Thread. 

Which Oscar surprise nomination left you the most puzzled? Vote for the most unexpected nominations below. 

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