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The Best of 2018
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All The Things That Were A Thing In 2018, Ranked

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List RulesVote up the people, places, things, ideas, memes, and other ~stuff~ that most defined 2018.

In 2018, news, culture, and people in general just moved a lot faster, turning days into whirlwinds of news updates, Instagram stories, and your high school friend's fifth consecutive motivational Facebook status of the day. To help catalog the year, here are 2018's trending topics, from the biggest news stories to the most popular trends. Some of them directly influenced 2019's most popular topics, but 2018 was truly a tale all its own.

The Royal Family had a baby and a wedding, while Facebook's previously unshakeable hold on the internet began to wane. More and more evidence came forward about election meddling by foreign powers, there was a historic summit with North Korea, and we all argued with our families about Yanny and Laurel. From important topics to notable memes, this is everything that went viral in 2018.

What were the biggest and most famous topics in 2018? What happened in 2018 that left a mark? Which of these things did your mom ask you to explain?

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