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The 50 Most Valuable MLB Players For Fantasy Baseball In 2019

List RulesVote up the players that you think will be a MVP-caliber addition to your fantasy clubhouse. Vote down the players you think are potential busts.

Opening Day 2019 is around the corner, and while MLB managers focus on setting their roster and choosing an opening day starter, fantasy baseball managers have their eyes set on crafting the perfect team dominate all summer long. Now that fans have had a chance to see how teams like the Bryce Harper-enhanced Philadelphia Phillies and the reigning champion Boston Red Sox look in spring training, they have a clearer idea of which players are primed for a breakout year.

For fantasy managers, the difference between a championship trophy and a last-place tattoo can come down to the guys they draft at the start of the season. There are plenty of players that experts and sabermetricians think are sure things in 2019, but there will inevitably be some busts in ESPN's top 50 fantasy baseball players. These players have a lot more work to do if they want to be considered amongst the best baseball players of all time, but one elite season is all it takes to live on in personal fantasy baseball infamy.