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The Best Fantasy Football Defenses Of 2019

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The fantasy football rankings of defenses are always among the toughest aspects of drafting each year. While you're focused on the top 2019 fantasy football players, defenses can make or break a team with the points adding up at the end of each week. A great defensive performance will carry your team to a victory in the right week while negative points could lead to the most embarrassing loss possible. 

Some of the top 2019 fantasy Ds entering the season include the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and Chicago Bears. Last season’s top NFL fantasy defenses were the Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Houston Texans, Patriots, and Baltimore Ravens. But from week to week, any team could shock the NFL and become the next must-have fantasy football D.

So which defenses deserve to be near the top of the 2019 fantasy football rankings? Which Ds would you count on for your fantasy team's success? Make your choices known below and come back throughout the season to see how those choices are working out. And check out these top fantasy football podcasts for more fantasy tips.

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