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The Best Fantasy Football Kickers Of 2019

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The NFL fantasy rankings for kickers is one of the trickiest aspects of a fantasy football draft. Kickers don’t necessarily impact the game as much as other positions on the field, but the points still count the same when looking at the final tally at the end of each week. While kicker may be the last position you look at in your draft and none of these names will appear near the top of the list of 2019 fantasy football players, a good kicker can be a difference-maker. And if you get the top fantasy kicker of 2019, that could be the difference between a championship and watching from the sidelines. 

Stephen Gostkowski, Adam Vinatieri, and Mason Crosby have been some of the rock-solid kickers in the league to provide impressive stat lines for many years and will almost certainly be near the top of many fantasy football rankings. However, last season’s top three kickers for most fantasy points were Ka'imi Fairbairn, Justin Tucker, and Harrison Butker. So it goes to show anyone, given the opportunity can surprise and be the standout kicker your fantasy team needs.

So which kickers deserve to be near the top of the 2019 fantasy football rankings? Which kickers would you count on for your fantasy team's success? Make your choices known below and come back throughout the season to see how those choices are working out.

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