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The Best Fantasy Football Running Backs Of 2019

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The top fantasy running backs in 2019 include a combination of new stars taking over the NFL and legends in the latter stages of their careers. Among the best 2018 fantasy RBs were stars like Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, and Saquon Barkley, who all put up stellar numbers. Running back is one of the most important positions on your fantasy roster and any list of the top fantasy football players of 2019 will include plenty of RBs. 

Legendary names like LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson will still appear high up on many fantasy football rankings and certainly among the top fantasy RB rankings. But young, up-and-coming players like Christian McCaffrey and Nick Chubb will make a push for the crown, as well, and could be the perfect boost for your fantasy draft. And don't forget about the return of Le'Veon Bell, who remains one of the big fantasy question marks after sitting out last season.

So which running backs deserve to be near the top of the 2019 fantasy football rankings? Which RBs would you count on for your fantasy team's success? Make your choices known below and come back throughout the season to see how those choices are working out.

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