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The Most Anticipated Netflix Shows of 2019

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UPDATED: Check out The Most Anticipated Netflix Shows of 2020!

Want another reason to love 2019? These are the best new Netflix originals premiering in 2019. Be ready for action with Wu Assassins starring Iko Uwais from The Raid. If you are looking for a Netflix original that is a little more cerebral be sure to check out Chambers where the recipient of a heart transplant begins to take on the sinister characteristics of the donor.

Netflix has certainly been increasing their output of original series (to say nothing of all their acquired series) and it's no wonder they are becoming a regular staple at award shows like the Golden Globes and Emmy's. Netflix's 2019 schedule was packed with dramas, sci-fi, action and comedies that are all great bait for awards. Look for Sacha Baron Cohen starring in The Spy based on a real life Mossad spy stationed in Syria. Other upcoming Netflix originals are heavily inspired by comic books such as Cursed which is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, The Umbrella Academy is a comic book series by Gerard Way, and the Locke & Key comic series by Joe Hill.

If you prefer documentaries then the upcoming Netflix series Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough might be right for you. In short, there is a Netflix original release for everyone in 2019. Vote up the shows you watched from start to finish as soon as they come out. Then, check out the upcoming Netflix series in 2020.

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