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The Most Creative And Topical Halloween Costumes For 2020

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The best costumes for 2020 are ones that capture the vibe of the year. With so many people celebrating in a socially distanced way, finding a topical 2020 costume that is fun to wear (and maybe easy to put together with what you have in your closet and an Amazon order or two) is key. From 2020 movie costumes to characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons - the game that brought everyone together to complain about Tom Nook - there's a creative 2020 Halloween costume that'll fit your energy levels and help you celebrate the holiday however you decide to do it this year.

There are plenty of fun and creative 2020 halloween costume ideas here, whether you want to go goth (Moira Rose, Kalus, and Batman) or want to bring some color and life to your look (Harley Quinn). There are even Tiger King and Cats costumes if what you want is to get weird.

Vote up your favorite 2020 Halloween costume ideas that celebrate the reason for the season - dressing up creatively.

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    Old-School Plague Doctor

    Old-School Plague Doctor
    Photo: I. Columbina, ad vivum delineavit. Paulus Fürst Excud / Wikipedia Commons / Public domain

    These old time plague doctors might have been onto something. You get to swish around in a dramatic cape AND have a costume that works with your mask?

    What You'll Need: A beaked mask and a long, hooded cape, and a stick for enforcing social distance.

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      Sister Night from 'Watchmen'

      Sister Night from 'Watchmen'
      Photo: HBO

      This year, any costume that has its own face mask is a bonus but Angela Abar (AKA: Sister Night) is probably the most dramatic option.

      What You'll Need: A long black cloak with a hood, a white turtle neck, black pants, a wide belt, and a large black face mask or bandana.

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        Emo Batman

        He IS the night. Emo Batman is a mood and a mood that feels kind of right for 2020. Maybe pair up with a friend dressed as emo Peter Parker from Spiderman 3 and have a crossover event.

        What You'll Need: All black clothes, lots of black eyeliner. Maybe a Batman cowl, if you want an emo reveal.

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          Moira Rose

          Moira Rose
          Photo: CBC

          Of the many great things about Moira Rose, she treats each day like an event to dress thematically for. Let loose, wear your wildest, gothiest pieces. Top it off with something that is not a hat that you have decided is a hat, or a statement wig.

          What You'll Need: Find the wildest things in your closet and start layering (but stick with blacks, whites, and greys). Put on one more accessory than you think you need.

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