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This 2020 Holiday Ornament Is A Perfect Way To Remember What A Crazy Year 2020 Was

Updated November 25, 2020 2 items
  • Celebrate The End Of 2020 With The Perfect Ornament

    2020 has been... well, it's been difficult. Many have called it a dumpster fire, and that's pretty much it. So much has happened in 2020, it's hard to describe it all, but fortunately, you don't have to. The best way to celebrate the end of this torturous year is to do it with style by picking up a hand-painted Christmas Ornament that summarized the dumpster fire that is 2020.

    These adorably accurate ornaments feature nods to everything that went wrong this year. "2020" is spelled out with a model of the Coronavirus in the first zero, while a roll of toilet paper takes the place of the second and trails down to say whatever you want it to say! Next to that, there's the all-too-familiar bottle of hand sanitizer, and it's all capped off with up to seven cute people, who are all responsibly wearing their masks!

    This ornament is highly customizable, as it lets you write whatever you want on the TP. You can also include up to seven people and throw some individual cat or dog attachments on for good measure. Dress it up however you like, and be sure to close out the year with this memorable keepsake!

    Get your own for $12.95 with up to seven heads

    Add a dog and/or cat for $3.95

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