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2020 Movies We Wish We Could Have Seen In IMAX

IMAX has become a popular choice for audiences who want something above and beyond the normal moviegoing experience. The 2020 movies playing in IMAX provide plenty of reasons to choose the format. Its signature massive screens, which can be several stories high, mean that you become more fully immersed in the film you're watching. The size and scope of the picture literally overwhelm you. The company is additionally known for extremely high definition images and dynamic sound. Movies with incredible scenery, groundbreaking special effects, and intense action scenes get an extra kick from IMAX.

Upcoming IMAX movies are a diverse group. There are big action pictures, like Tenet. There's even a music documentary about the Beastie Boys. Whatever your preference in genre, there's going to be something on your nearest IMAX screen to suit your taste.

Below is the 2020 IMAX movie list. Only confirmed titles are included. More could be announced as the year progresses. Which of them are you most excited to see?