15 Of 2021's Most Interesting Fan Theories About Disney's Animated Films

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Even though 2021 was a crazy year for most, it didn't seem to slow Disney's film production down at all. Of course, there were releases from major franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, but there were also releases from the smaller part of Disney that started it all - the animation company. Two animated movies, Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto, were released, and their characters and spirit fit perfectly with the rest of Disney's animated features. 

However, as always, fans had a few questions and theories about the new releases, as well as theories on older Disney animated films. Here are a few of our favorite fan theories we found in 2021, and some of them you may have never seen coming! Vote up your favorites!

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    Mirabel Didn't Get A Gift Because She's Supposed To Be The Next Head Of The Village

    From Redditor u/thegreendorito123:

    I have a theory on why Mirabel didn't get a gift - I think Mirabel is the successor to the village. 

    1. Alma (Abuela) is old. We can assume that when Alma was gifted with the candle she was about 16-25 years old. The events of Encanto take place 50 years after Alma got the candle. This makes Alma between 66-75 then. 
    2. Mirabel is basically the reason why the casita gets rebuilt. Her whole mission is to save the casita and she's the one who gathers everyone to rebuild it. 
    3. Mirabel can communicate with the casita. She and Alma are the only 2 people able to communicate with the casita in the movie. This could show some sort of special relationship with the casita and in turn, the magic in the house. 
    4. When Mirabel fixes her relationship with Isabela and helps her find her true self, the candle glows brighter. This also alters Isabela's abilities to create different types of plants. This shows that Mirabel has ties to the magic of the house. 

    I think the reason why Mirabel doesn't have a room in the casita is because her room is Alma's room, and when Alma steps down as leader, Mirabel will inherit the room and become the new village leader. 

  • From Redditor u/SparkAxolotl:

    I noticed that each group of siblings/powers are exactly 3, and each of them is based on some trifecta/trinity.

    Julieta/Pepa/Bruno = Past/Present/Future

    Julieta can cure wounds that happened in the past. Pepa can change the present weather. Bruno (the most obvious) can see the future. 

    Dolores/Camilo/Antonio = Hear No Evil/See No Evil/Speak No Evil

    Dolores (the most obvious) got super hearing. Camilo can make himself look like anyone. Antonio can understand animals. 

    Isabela/Luisa/Mirabel = Beauty/Brawns/Brains

    Isabela and Luisa are pretty obvious... it's even part of the introduction song (the beauty and the brawn do no wrong), so that leaves us with Mirabel as the brains. She's the first one to notice something is wrong with Casita, and then with her sisters. One can argue that her "Brains" are emotion based, but her progress can't be hand waved. She basically solved a riddle without a clue, and without knowing the riddle in the first place. 

  • Big Daddy La Bouff Bought The Sugar Mill For Tiana, But She Turned Into A Frog Before He Could Tell Her
    Photo: The Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/TopRamen713:

    Here's the mystery - after years of being empty and un-bought, suddenly [the sugar mill] gets bought the same day that Tiana has save enough money for a down payment? Something's not quite adding up here.

    My scenario - 'Big Daddy' has been watching Tiana and his daughter grow up for years. He seems to treat her as a second daughter, at least not forbidding Charlotte from playing/associating with her.

    He loves Charlotte and indulges her every whim, because the limit of her ambition is to simply marry well. He knows though, that Tiana wants to run a high-class restaurant, but for a Black woman to succeed in the 1920s south, she has to be tough, smart, and hard-working, so he can't just give Tiana everything she wants, much as he'd like to. Once she tells Charlotte that she has enough for the down payment for the restaurant, she's proven that to him she has the mental toughness to run a successful restaurant. He goes ahead and buys it outright to give to her at the party, but before he can do so, she disappears.

  • The 'Girl Worth Fighting For' For Mulan Is The Little Doll-Owner From The Burned Village  
    Photo: Mulan / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/chondroitin:

    The film has a song, "A Girl Worth Fighting For", in which all the men want a domestic feminine woman, and Mulan is there, uncertain what she thinks of it all. Does she have a girl worth fighting for? The song doesn't give her a chance to say, but there is an answer, and it's not herself. The song cuts right as they come upon a destroyed village, where Mulan picks up a small doll. We know for certain that it used to belong to a little girl that lived in the village, since earlier, Shan Yu gets the doll from his hawk, and says: Besides, the little girl will be missing her doll. We should return it to her.

    That's her girl worth fighting for, and little girls in general. We see a hint of this early on in the movie - during "Honor to Us All," Mulan walks by a boy who's swiped a doll from a girl; Mulan takes the doll from the boy and gives it back. Note also that after "A Girl Worth Fighting For," Mulan is more concerned about saving lives than honor until after the end of danger with Shan Yu's defeat. So yeah, those little girls are Mulan's "girl worth fighting for."

  • Merryweather's Gift To Aurora Was Meant To Be Wisdom
    Photo: Sleeping Beauty / Buena Vista Distributions

    From Redditor u/barbpatch:

    We never got to see what gift Merryweather meant to bestow because Maleficent showed up, cursed the baby princess to die at 16, and left Merryweather to change her gift. In order to lighten the severity of Maleficent's curse, Merryweather changed the result to sleep rather than death and allowed that the curse can be broken by true love's first kiss.

    Philip and Aurora had a fairly flirty scene together, for the time period. It's possible that if they had kissed at the end of the "Once Upon a Dream" segment, Aurora's curse would have been broken early, before it ever really took effect. Her gifts of beauty and song helped bring about her eventual true love.

    I think Merryweather's gift would have to do with brains or insight. She was the most realistic (and least optimistic) of the three throughout the film. For example, she convinced the others to use magic when their attempts to bake a cake and sew a dress the hard way failed.

    If Merryweather had been allowed to bestow her original gift, she would want the princess to have the useful ability: to rule with wisdom and insight so that she might succeed in more ways than being beautiful and charming as a future monarch.

  • Aladdin Refers To Himself As 'Al' Because It Foreshadows His Character Development
    Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

     From Redditor u/ehsteve87:

    Aladdin’s first wish wasn’t to look like a prince or dress like a prince; it was to become a prince, and Genie made it happen. However, we spend the rest of the movie with Aladdin, wondering whether he should tell Jasmine the truth. Why is this a problem? Didn’t the Genie make him a prince? Don’t his powers give him the ability to make Aladdin a real prince, legally and legitimately?

    Instead of simply granting Aladdin a title and sending him on his way, Genie transforms Aladdin into Prince Ali Ababwa, complete with riches, lands, and servants. Even though his newfound royalty is completely legitimate, Aladdin is a prince but doesn’t feel like a prince. This insecurity will prove to be Aladdin's greatest character flaw. Because of his shame, Aladdin conceals his origins from Jasmine and says that he’s always been wealthy. He feels like Jasmine could never love him if she knew that they were born to different social classes.

    Genie counsels Aladdin to tell her the truth. However, Genie wasn’t playing Aladdin’s moral compass. Instead, he was playing wingman, encouraging Aladdin to get over his self-doubt and be himself, a tactic which would certainly help his chances of winning Jasmine’s affections. Genie couldn’t use his power to turn Jasmine’s heart, but there was nothing to stop him from giving Aladdin some solid advice.

    One magic carpet ride later, Jasmine is in love with Ali/Aladdin and wants to marry him. Unfortunately, Aladdin’s sense of inferiority has been intensified by the prospect of becoming the new Sultan. He’s so convinced that he’s unworthy of his good fortune, he reasons that only Genie’s power can keep him from losing it all.

    The ending shows that Aladdin has overcome the great flaw in his character. Right after Jasmine chooses Aladdin as her husband, he responds with, "Call me Al." Before, he felt torn between two personae: Aladdin the street urchin and Ali the prince. However, here at the end of the film he finally realizes that he can be both. Even his clothes are a more grandiose version of his Aladdin outfit. It's noteworthy that Genie called him Al throughout the movie, suggesting that he already understood Aladdin's true identity.