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Who Will Win Best Comedy/Musical Film Actress At The 2021 Golden Globes?

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Here are the versatile actresses considered for Best Comedy or Musical Actress at the 2021 Golden Globes. From first-time nominees to Hollywood icons, this year's nominees have delivered great comedic performances with heart. 

From Michelle Pfeiffer's elegant and surreal portrayal of Frances Price in French Exit to Kate Hudson's musical and ingenious in Musicthese are the roles that add to a long list of legacy performances. While Anya Taylor-Joy's romantic meddling in Emma. produced a notable adaptation to the Jane Austen novel legacy. Other strong contenders for the award include Maria Bakalova in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot. 

Make your 2021 Golden Globes predictions by voting up the nominees you think will win, and don't miss the 78th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, February 28, 2021.