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Who Will Win Best Alternative Music Album At The 2021 Grammys?

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The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards are slated to take place in March of 2021, with dozens of artists being nominated to receive the coveted golden record player, courtesy of the Recording Academy. Many in the music industry aspire their whole careers to receive such an honor while returning veterans, such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift, find themselves in the conversation again to be awarded major categories such as Album and Song of the Year. With music's biggest night right around the corner, there are many nominees to consider but ultimately a few will go down in Grammy history. 

Vote for the artist you think deserves to win the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. 


  • Photo: Dead Oceans

    1. DVD Menu
    2. Garden Song
    3. Kyoto

    4. Punisher
    5. Halloween
    6. Chinese Satellite
    7. Moon Song
    8. Savior Complex
    9. ICU
    10. Graceland Too
    11. I Know the End

    • Artist: Phoebe Bridgers
    • Genres (Music): Indie rockemo-folk
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  • Photo: Epic

    Fiona Apple won Best Alternative Music Album, her first award in that category and third overall. 

    1. I Want You to Love Me 
    2. Shamelika
    3. Fetch the Bolt Cutters
    4. Under the Table
    5. Relay
    6. Rack of His
    7. Newspaper
    8. Ladies
    9. Heavy Balloon
    10. Cosmonauts
    11. For Her
    12. Drumset
    13. Oh I Go

    • Artist: Fiona Apple
    • Genres (Music): Female, Alternative/Indie
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  • Photo: Modular, Island Australia

    1. One More Year
    2. Instant Destiny 
    3. Borderline
    4. Posthumous Forgiveness

    5. Breathe Deeper
    6. Tomorrow's Dust
    7. On Track
    8. Lost in Yesterday
    9. Is It True
    10. It Might Be Time
    11. Glimmer
    12. One More Hour

    • Artist: Tame Impala
    • Genres (Music): Indie, Rock
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  • Photo: Capitol

    1. Hyperlife
    2. Uneventful Days
    3. Saw Lightning

    4. Die Waiting (with Sky Ferreira)
    5. Chemical
    6. See Through
    7. Hyperspace (with Terrell Hines)
    8. Stratosphere
    9. Dark Places
    10. Star
    11. Everlasting Nothing
    12. Saw Lightning (Freestyle)

    • Artist: Beck
    • Genres (Music): Alternative, Rock
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