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Who Will Win Best Rock Album At The 2021 Grammys?

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The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards are slated to take place in March of 2021, with dozens of artists being nominated to receive the coveted golden record player, courtesy of the Recording Academy. Many in the music industry aspire their whole careers to receive such an honor while returning veterans, such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, find themselves in the conversation again to be awarded major categories such as Album and Song of the Year. With music's biggest night right around the corner, there are many nominees to consider but ultimately a few will go down in Grammy history. 

Vote for the artist you think deserves to win the Grammy for Best Rock Album. 


  • Photo: Cult, RCA

    The Strokes won Best Rock Album, their first Grammy award overall. 

    1. The Adults Are Talking
    2. Selfless
    3. Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus
    4. Bad Decisions

    5. Eternal Summer
    6. At the Door
    7. Why Are Sundays So Depressing
    8. Not the Same Anymore
    9. Ode to the Mets

    • Artist: The Strokes
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  • Photo: Elektra

    1. Ronin
    2. Remember to Breathe
    3. Sing Along
    4. A Good Look 

    5. Make Art Not Friends
    6. Best Clockmaster on Mars
    7. All Said and Done
    8. Last Man Standing
    9. Mercury in Retrograde
    10. Fastest Horse in Town

    • Artist: Sturgill Simpson
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  • Photo: Polydor, Interscope

    1. You Ain't the Problem
    2. Rolling
    3. I've Been Dazed
    4. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) (Intro) 
    5. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love)
    6. Another Human Being 
    7. Living in Denial
    8. Hero (Intro)
    9. Hero
    10. Hard to Say Goodbye
    11. Final Days 
    12. Interlude (Loving the People)
    13. Solid Ground
    14. Light

    • Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
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  • Photo: Concord, Fantasy Records

    1. Love Is Love 
    2. On My Way 
    3. Back To Me (feat. Lucius)
    4. Every Heartbeat
    5. Release
    6. Shout It Out
    7. Repossession (feat. Lucius)
    8. Desire (feat. Lucius)
    9. Everyday Love
    10. Please (feat. Lucius)
    11. Daylight

    • Artist: Grace Potter
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